Run Ready Provides Coaching Programs For Runners

Run Ready provides sport coaching and conditioning services that encourages involvement and enjoyment, while optimising performance. Our aim is to encourage each participant to achieve their short-term goals and their long-term potential.

Focusing on the skill and fitness components of running – including speed, endurance, agility, posture, balance and strength – we work with all age groups and fitness levels, to guide individuals towards improved efficiency and a more enjoyable experience of their sport.

With extensive experience coaching both recreational and performance athletes, as well as developing juniors across a range of sports, our program coordinator and coaches, will help you achieve your targets.


  • "As an AFL player and rising star nominee in my first season, it’s great to look back at the opportunities and encouragement I received from my school, clubs and coaches. Nick was one of the people who assisted me with my running, encouraged me to..."

    - Toby Greene (GWS Giants)
  • "Due to the encouragement, wise words and support from Nick Bowden I fell in love with running. The training program he wrote for the Melbourne Marathon was sensational and included small notes each week that both motivated and inspired me to give of my best. Great work NB!"

    - Nicolette
  • "Although I had improved over my time with prior coaches, my performance has improved exponentially in the 9 months that I’ve been training with Nick.  The speed sessions and long runs culminated in a PB half marathon and now preparation for the New York marathon. ..."

    - Kylie