Get the answers that you need to improve your running. Our expert run coaches will assess your run technique, review strength and mobility, and discuss your training. You take away strategies to improve your running performance.

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Trust an Expert to Review Your Technique

We are experts in running. Having worked with kids, teens and adults in sprint and endurance run coaching for more than 2 decades through our strength and conditioning programs, run coaching, and run analysis, we can expertly observe and make recommendations to improve your running. There are a number of factors influencing your running performance. Technique, strength, mobility/stability, ability to land well, current fitness and training load. We will review all of these factors to give you some strategies to get the most out of your running.

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What Happens in a Run Analysis

  1. Review – We will chat with you about your history, current running load and goals.
  2. Movement – You will go through some mobility exercises for us to accurately assess your movement quality.
  3. Landing Skills – How well you land with each step can impact your running efficiency and injury risk.
  4. Running – Either on a treadmill or on the track. We will video you running and analyze with you.
  5. Training Load – Discuss training you are doing at the moment, or intend to do.
  6. Advice – We will provide you with a written analysis, and discuss the best options to improve your running performance.
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Other Run Ready Services

Run assessments are comprehensive and detailed tests done on a run to evaluate the runner’s running abilities, running mechanics, and run training history. The people who are qualified to perform run assessments are running coaches or physiotherapists. 

The frequency of getting a run analysis is dependent on different variables like your running history, level of training, and your goals. Generally, runners should get a run analysis once a year or if there are major changes in their training practices. Runners with past injuries are recommended to take a run analysis more frequently. 

Yes, it can. Identifying your running weaknesses and issues is one big step towards preventing running injuries.

Run analysis, run assessments, and run gait analysis are not just suitable for seasoned runners and athletes. Beginners can also benefit from getting a run analysis done. Because a run analysis identifies wrong form, gait, and technique, this prevents running beginners to avoid making mistakes that lead to injury. Having a run analysis done before starting to run will provide runners with a solid foundation for their running journey.