A comprehensive rehabilitation program is the cornerstone to any post injury return to sport plan. It lays the foundation to recondition the body in preparation for the physical demands of sport. Without it, athletes are unlikely to return to peak fitness and increase their chance of re-injury and long-term damage.

At Run Ready, we provide injured athletes with a ‘one stop shop’ during their rehabilitation journey. Our modern facility is designed to enhance the return to sport process and to provide our athletes with the resources they require to perform at their best again. We transition through three (3) distinct stages during a rehabilitation journey.

Phase 1: Support, Protect, and Maintain

During this initial phase, our sports physiotherapists will protect the injured body part and allow optimal healing to begin. A graded progression of low-level strengthening is commenced while maintaining full strength and fitness in the remainder of the body.

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Phase 2: Reconditioning

This is where the real rehab begins! Athletes are designed a tailored program to address their biomechanical, strength, mobility and running deficits. The priority here is to rebuild the injured area’s capacity and introduce more advanced movements. Athletes are set physical milestones to achieve prior to progressing onto the final stage of rehab.  

Phase 3: Return to Sport

Training starts to look a lot like sport here. Programming aims to emulate the physical demands of sport and athletes start to feel confident in their ability to perform. The goal of this stage is to return the athlete in better condition to that of their original injury, and to minimise the likelihood of reinjury.

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Injury Rehabilitation Membership

No longer will you only be supported during the acute phase of your injury and be left to figure the rest out on your own. Our injury rehab membership allows you to be supported by experts in each phase of your rehabilitation, and even after you have returned to sport. We ensure your whole body is ready for the demands of your sport.

Physio Rehab Gold per week
$ 165
  • Unlimited access to our high-performance gym
  • Ongoing rehab programming updates
  • Expert supervision at all times
  • 1 x weekly one-on-one physio session
  • Ongoing VALD strength & fitness assessment
  • Return to sport testing
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