Quality athletic development requires us to establish an effective foundation of movement skills, physical attributes, confidence and training capacity. Our programs are age and stage appropriate; sessions are expertly coached; and athletes train in a stimulating and challenging environment that prioritises education and support for their personal development, sports participation and goals. Through this approach, we continually develop the necessary athletic qualities that underpin effective preparation for their sport. Continual improvement is key. Run Ready’s Athlete Development program suits all youth athletes, including pitch, field, and court sports, as well as running and athletics training.

Our Coaches Have Worked With

Endurance Run Training

Our experienced coaches, led by head coach, Nick Bowden, guide runners through the most suitable training for their age, experience, goals and events, with an emphasis on developing aerobic capacity, technical and tactical competence and understanding of the sport. Group training is key, providing peer support and enjoyment to maximise consistency and longevity. Supervised weekly sessions are available throughout the year, with a particular focus on each day and venue.   

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Speed, Agility & Run Skills for Field and Court Sports

Game speed – often identified as decision-making, acceleration, deceleration, repeat sprint capacity and change of direction – is built on a foundation of good athleticism and a sound running technique. Our expert strength and conditioning coaches understand the key requirements for an effective foundation and how to progress the skills and training for improved athletic performance.     

Strength Development

Strength is an essential component of athletic performance, and it is highly trainable. For youth athletes, a clear understanding of the principles and practice of developing movement skills and coordination, mobility and stability, balance and agility, speed and explosive qualities, tissue integrity and robustness, as well as loading requirements and injury prevention strategies, must be included in any strength-training regime. Our youth athlete development programs allow us to test and assess the athletes when they join us – and continue to do so – to ensure our prescription and training emphasis is the best fit for their needs at each stage of their athletic journey.   

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Youth Athlete Development Membership

When you join our Youth Athlete Development Program, you’ll have confidence knowing you will be guided by experts who really care about your child’s development, setting them up for success. 

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Membership Benefits