Strength training for runners is essential. We know because we are runners and we coach runners to achieve both longevity in the sport and to reach their goals. Our programs are specifically designed to support your run training. Building a strong foundation of strength and mobility will reduce injury risk and improve your running performance.

Strength for Running

Our strength training philosophy is to build a strong foundation to be
injury free and ready to play, train and compete. We focus on mobility, stability, agility, balance and coordination alongside improving strength, speed and power. Our strength program focuses on building a strong and robust body with age-appropriate exercise prescription. Balance, coordination and sound landing competencies are key focuses of this program. We aim to educate our clients on the importance of regular and consistent strength training and what a good strength training session looks like. We have the expertise to prescribe for the individual and their goals and needs through our strength assessment programs.

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3 Reasons Why Strength Training is Beneficial for Runners

  1. Prevents injury by strengthening muscles and supporting tissue.
  2. Good mobility aids coordination and power, allowing you to run faster
  3. Reduces energy cost for each footstrike, improving running economy.

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How to Add Strength Training Into Your Routine

We know that a runner’s weekly schedule can be busy. Generally, we recommend scheduling your strength sessions on a non-running day or on an easy running day. Strength training 2x week has been shown to significantly improve performance and decrease in injury risk. Our strength coaches for runners will expertly guide you to ensure your training is achievable and fits in with your lifestyle and goals. If you feel more comfortable to train in a group, you can join our Run Ready Run Club

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Why Runners Need to Lift More than Just Body Weight

Each time you run a step, your body absorbs at least 2-3 times your body weight. To ensure your muscles & connective tissue are strong enough to absorb the load, lifting heavier weights is valuable. Often runners are afraid to ‘lift heavy’, fearing they might become too sore or it will slow them down. The opposite is true. Resistance training for your whole body, including lifting heavy weights, encourages adaptation to the loads generated while running. Our expert coaches will guide a gradual progression to lifting appropriate loads.

What our Runners Have to Say

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Strength Training for Runners Membership

 To get started, book in for an Athletic Blueprint Strength Assessment, or contact us to find out more information. The Athletic Blueprint Strength assessment will help us discover where you are at with your strength and athletic performance, and help us build a plan for where you want to get to.

Strength for Running
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$ 30 Weekly
  • 1 strength session per week
  • Individual strength program
  • Gym access full opening hours
Strength for Running
$ 60 Weekly
  • Up to 3 strength sessions per week
  • Individualised strength program
  • On-going performance testing & analysis
  • Gym access full opening hours
  • Discounted rates for physio

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Strength and Conditioning Training for Runners

Our programs are made specifically for the sport but also for the athlete and their goals, weaknesses, strengths and limitations. Would you like some more information before booking your assessment? Request a callback by clicking on the button below.

Strength training has three benefits for runners: it avoids injuries by strengthening muscles and conOn low volume training days or rest days, middle and shorter distance runners should aim for 2-3 times a week. Longer distance runners should practice strength blocks, first developing a strong foundation and then decreasing strength training volume as their running volume increases.nective tissues; it improves your running economy by promoting coordination and stride efficiency; and it helps you run faster by enhancing neuromuscular coordination and power.

On low volume training days or rest days, middle and shorter distance runners should aim for 2-3 times a week. Longer distance runners should practice strength blocks, first developing a strong foundation and then decreasing strength training volume as their running volume increases.

According to studies, explosive strength training improves your economy and muscle power, allowing you to run a 5K faster. This allows you to improve your speed and create a powerful finishing kick, as these are crucial for faster running. Building strength and power will allow you to activate critical muscle groups more easily when running, allowing you to maintain a faster pace. Reduce your chances of getting hurt. Muscle and connective tissue strengthening assists us to keep our running form for longer.

Strength training is essential if you want to improve as a runner and go faster and/or farther without injury. Strength training in general is beneficial, but specific strength training that improves the muscles’ capacity to perform as they do while running is the most effective. Muscle strength is defined as the ability to apply force against resistance for a brief length of time, and it is required to complement and aid endurance training. Muscle strength increases the intensity of a performance, whereas muscular endurance increases the duration. Run Ready Melbourne has tailor-fit strength and conditioning programs for runners of all types. 

In athletic programs, the function of the strength and conditioning coach is crucial. He’s in charge of making sure that every athlete who gets onto an athletic field is physically prepared for what they’re going to perform and that they can deliver 110 percent of their effort in every second of their sport. Performance-based clientele and athletes of all ages and ability levels are trained by strength and conditioning instructors like those at Run Ready Melbourne. A strength and conditioning coach’s knowledge can aid in improving motor skills, increasing performance, and reducing injury.

Aerobic and anaerobic conditioning is an integral part of any track athlete’s total preparation. The aerobic system must be capable of providing enough oxygen to the muscles. Lactate builds up and eventually shuts down the muscles if it can’t get rid of it. Building speed necessitates the development of strength, stability, balance, and agility. Sprinters with a strong core and lower body will generate more power and be more explosive. Sprinters benefit from resistance training because it permits their muscles to contract naturally and quickly.