The Team at Run Ready will use the same methods usually reserved for professional athletes to perfect every aspect of your Athletic Performance. Ensuring you compete with the confidence of knowing you’ve done everything you can to succeed.

If You Want to Perform Like the Pros, You Have to Train Like Them

If you currently or have previously trained in a gym then you know the usual struggles. What exercises should I do? How heavy should I Lift? Then there’s battling 50 other people trying to use the same machine. Or maybe you’ve taken it a step further and found an online program maybe it’s even “sports specific”  The problem with these generic, cookie-cutter training programs is whilst they may claim to be sports specific, they’re certainly not specific to your needs, your athletic profile or your injury history.

When the difference between winning and losing can be centimetres or milliseconds, you don’t want to have the regrets of going at it alone or relying on generic programs to get you the results you want. That’s where Run Ready comes in. 

Our Athletic Blueprinting and programming procedure ensures that your training program not only takes care of your sport but it takes care of you too.

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Hear From Our Happy Athletes

Hitting a plateau in my athletic skills has led me to sign up for Run Ready's Athlete Performance training program. It's a decision that I'll never regret. Their strength and conditioning programs are amazing and really helpful for me. Their strength coaches took time to assess my current abilities, identify my weaknesses, and create a program that takes into consideration what I need as a footy athlete. I'm performing better than ever, thanks to Run Ready! Highly recommended!

The Run Ready Experience

Step 1: Find Your Athletic Blueprint

Discover the barriers that are holding you back from your Athletic dreams. Our comprehensive testing and strength assessment will highlight your specific strengths and weaknesses. These results mean we know exactly what to target in your training to get the most effective results

What we test:

  • Flexibility
  • Mobility
  • Stability 
  • Coordination
  • Acceleration
  • Change of Direction 
  • Reactive Power
  • Muscular Power
  • Elastic Power
  • Force Production
  • Eccentric Hamstring Strength

Step 2: Start Your Performance Journey

Start your training and begin to develop the target areas outlined by your Athletic Blueprint. Work with a dedicated coach who will customise and individualize your training every week and can modify your training to work around any issues.  

Develop your Speed, Explosive Power, Maximum Strength and Injury Resilience

The most important ability is availability and smart, well-programmed strength training in the best insurance policy against any avoidable injuries. Not only will you be operating at an entirely new level of athleticism. But you’ll be healthier than ever, meaning you can spend more time training and competing and less time on the sidelines.

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Step 3: Unlock a New Level of Athleticism

In most training programs and gyms, you grind out the training and hope it will mean improved results and better sporting performance. In our program, you’ll get the benefit of cutting-edge sports science technology to actually showcase the results of all your hard work.

After benefiting from 10 weeks of targeted, precise performance training, we revisit the tests from your original Athletic Blueprint, highlighting your improvements and identifying the target areas for our next block of training. With recurring testing, you get the confidence to see your improvement, and we have the accountability to keep you getting better.

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Results Speak for Themselves

I thought running was all about gaining mileage and reaching my target times. I've never considered focusing on my running form and technique, but all that changed when I reached out to Run Ready for help. Their athlete performance training program is top-notch, and their strength coaches focused on determining the areas where I needed improvement and fine-tuned my running form so I could be less prone to injuries. Thanks to Run Raedy for pushing me to be the best runner I can be!
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Athlete Performance Training Membership

When you join our Athlete Development Program, you’ll have the confidence knowing you’ve done everything you can to be fully prepared to perform your best when it matters. Stop guessing about your Athletic performance and maximise your potential. 

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Would you like some more information? 

Our athlete performance training here at Run Ready can benefit anyone and everyone who is involved in sports or any kind of physical activity. It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional athlete, a hobbyist, or someone who just wants to become fit and healthy. Our athlete performance training programs are created to match your skill level, athletic abilities, and age. 

At Run Ready, you’re in good hands. We have on board a team of qualified, experienced, and knowledgeable strength coaches, run coaches, and sports physiotherapists that work together to create custom-fit training programs to meet the needs and demands of all kinds of athletes and individuals. Our team of experts will oversee you by receiving continuous guidance, support, and motivation throughout the program. This means that we can make adjustments if needed, provide you with expert advice, do assessments prior to starting, and attend to sports physio troubles you may have. 

Run Ready doesn’t require you to be at a certain running level to be eligible to join our Athlete Performance Training program. Our program caters to athletes of all sports, all levels, and all abilities. Signing up for our program gives you the chance to be personally coached by one of our strength coaches so that you can get the training you need to increase your athletic performance. We offer strength assessments, strength and conditioning workouts, and sports physiotherapy sessions to make the journey to reaching your athletic goals more enjoyable and achievable.

Group training sessions are held Tuesday morning and Saturday mornings. Athlete specific sessions may occur at other times during the week

Strength & conditioning sessions are conducted at our state-of-the-art gym in Glen Iris