For athletes who are looking for a tailor-fit and custom-made training program to suit their needs and goals, Run Ready’s private athletics coaching in Melbourne is a great option. When you join our private athletics coaching program, athletes can get undivided attention and guidance from coaches who have experience and are qualified to help athletes on their journey to improving their technique, performance, and overall fitness. 

Find a coach that can get you to the next level with Run Ready Melbourne. Private athletics coaching is tailored to the needs of the athlete by qualified coaches.

Why Run Ready?

Run Ready provides run coaching, strength and conditioning coaching, high performance training and personal training. We are specialists in fitness and high performance with qualified coaches ready to tailor make a fitness program for you today. 
With experience, knowledge and top notch facilities, we have everything you need to take your game, fitness and health to the next level.
From one of our strength and conditioning programs you can expect:

  • Enhancement of your health
  • Get you back on track following an injury
  • Develop crucial athletic traits for success
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All About Aussie Aths

Aussie Aths is athletics, but not as you know it.

Aussie Aths is a health and fitness program for Aussie kids aged 5 – 13 years based on athletics. It’s about learning to go faster, higher, further in a fun environment that Aussie kids of all abilities will enjoy.

Aussie Aths develops the ABCs – agility, balance, coordination and speed of every child in a fun, game-based program.

It’s not standing in a line, it’s not lining up for a race. Think of it like swimming lessons, but for running.

Aussie Aths is great fun and will help Aussie kids be more athletic in everyday life and in whatever sport they love.

Why Choose Aussie Aths

We want to help Aussie kids improve their health and fitness and create life-long habits through their love of sport.

Aussie Aths is for every child. Aussie Aths aims to make all kids healthier, fitter and faster… no matter the base they start from or what sport they love. It’s perfect for little athletes of any shape and size and for little footballers, netballers, soccer players, basketballers, etc.

Athletics (running, jumping and throwing) is the basis of almost every sport, yet most kids have never really been taught how to run properly. So at its core, Aussie Aths is about learning to run.

You don’t start reading Harry Potter before you’ve learned your ABCs. You don’t do algebra before you’ve learned how to count. So throwing children straight into running races and jumping and throwing for distance is nonsensical.

Aussie Aths uses game based, age appropriate activities to teach the fundamentals to help all Aussie kids be more athletic in everyday life and in whatever sport they love. And it’s a whole lot of fun!

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Advantages of Private Athletics Coaching

Investing in your athlete’s journey allows them to take their athletic performance and sports training a notch higher. At our Melbourne fitness gym, Run Ready offers private athletic coaching programs and Youth Athlete Development programs that fit and match each athlete’s individual skills, needs, and goals.  Here are some reasons why you should sign up for our private athletics coaching today: 

  • Tailor-fit Training Programs 
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Personalised Attention and Designated Coach
  • Improved Performance in all aspects of the sport
  • Accountability and Motivation

Athletics Coaching

Run Ready focuses on high performance, strength and conditioning, run coaching and athletics coaching. All of our coaches are highly trained and experts in their given area of elite performance training. 

To get to the next level, sometimes you need to engage an expert trainer. That’s where we at Run Ready have helped so many athletes of all ages to increase their performance at the amateur and elite levels of athletics. 

Sports Performance Coaching Melbourne 

We have helped athletes in areas such as

  • cross country coaching
  • sprint coaching
  • high performance coaching
  • athletics coaching
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The name says it all.

Designed specifically for Preps to grade 2 kids, Aussie Aths Active gets kids moving and teaches Aussie kids the fundamentals of athletics.

This program is not about races, results and records. Just a whole lot of fun as we teach the ABCs of movement – agility, balance, coordination and speed – all based around athletics – the core of all sports.

We deliver a positive experience for all kids, so they want to come back for more!

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Aussie kids want to get fitter and faster as they get older and Aussie Aths Accelerate helps make that happen.  Building on the Aussie Aths Active program, Accelerate is designed for Aussie Kids in grades 3-6.

It’s all based around running, jumping and throwing and age-appropriate skill progression. There are increases in the volume, while continuing to improve the quality of movement. The focus is on skills that support continued athletic development for all sports.

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By the time Aussie kids reach the end of primary school, they expect a little more, so the Aussie Aths Academyfor kids in grades 6, 7 and 8 is designed specifically for their growing bodies.

This is an extension program that moves from ‘learning to train’ to ‘training to train’. Participants improve their understanding of how physical capacity is developed – beyond improvements related directly to growth – and how these areas can continue to be improved. There is an increased focus on athletic development for all sports, with individuals given greater autonomy in their training, based on their particular interests, needs and skills.

Aussie Aths Academy assists kids with their sporting performance, injury prevention and understanding of fitness and conditioning.

Elevate Your Athletic Performance with Private Coaching

At Run Ready, we know and understand that each athlete is unique and require the right training program to satisfy their needs and achieve their goals. This is why we are offering athletes of all kinds of sports and athletic skill levels personalised and tailor-fit training programs made by qualified and experienced coaches. We are committed to helping you reach your full potential whether you’re at the beginning of your athletic journey or want to take your athletic performance to the next level. 

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Our Coaches Have Worked With

What You Get from Private Athletics Coaching:

Private Coaching for Schools

We can bring Aussie Aths to your primary school, to give kids an active start to the school day, or great fun finish after the final bell rings.

Our team of professional qualified coaches can deliver action-packed sessions that develop the ABCs – agility, balance, coordination and speed of every child in a fun, game-based program.

At its core, Aussie Aths is about learning to run and the simple fact is that most kids are never taught this by qualified coaches, in the same way they are taught to read, write and count by qualified teachers. Let us change this at your school today!

In those areas where Aussie Aths is up and running, we can deliver the Aussie Aths program at your school in a way that suits you. This could be:

  • an 8-week term-based program either before or after the school day
  • weekly coaching sessions in the lead up to your school athletics carnival or school cross country
  • a one off or a series of coaching sessions within class time to integrate with your physical education program
  • a one off or a series of coaching sessions for other school sport teams – footballers, netballers, basketballs etc. – all of whom benefit from being able to run faster, further and more efficiently

Term Schedule

Aussie Aths program enrolment is based on school terms, with four-term programs offered each year. Kids can do all or any term/s they choose, which provides a level of flexibility not offered through traditional athletics programs generally locked into an October – March summer season.

In the Aussie Aths Active and Aussie Aths Accelerate programs for the younger age groups, each program generally runs for an eight-week period within the school term, whilst the Aussie Aths Academy program generally runs for ten weeks each term.

Where public holidays impact the class schedule, the term enrolment fee is adjusted to reflect this.

If you’ve missed the start of the term, you don’t have to sit out the entire program. The enrolment system calculates the price based on the remaining sessions within the term.

Industry Affiliations


Aussie Aths is a member of the Australian Children's Activities Association.

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Athletics Australia is the accrediting body for all athletics coaches in Australia and all Aussie Aths coaches are qualified and registered under this national accreditation scheme.